Tea Talks
Fun and Informative Talks on the Subject of Tea
Tea Talks
This page provides descriptions of most of the Tea Talks that are available.
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Tea Talks are informal discussions where you learn about the benefits of tea, the history of tea and other interesting facts & tips about drinking the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world.  Learn how to steep tea for the best, most consistent flavor.  Discover the wonderful health benefits of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, and get ideas for life enhancement while you enjoy a  “cuppa” tea.

These Tea Talks are not sales pitches.  They are fun and informative sessions to learn about tea and have the opportunity to sample specialty teas.  At each session we will taste 2 – 3 different teas allowing you to experiment with your taste preferences.

Each Tea Talk lasts for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. They are typically very interactive sessions so all of your questions can be answered.

Described at right are some of the more popular topics.  However, we can combine topics or customize the Tea Talks to suit your particular group or interests. 




Tea & Chocolate Pairing

Learn to pair various chocolates with tea for maximum enjoyment of the tea and the chocolate.  Enjoy the flavors of specialty teas and fine chocolates.  Learn how the right tea can enhance the flavor of the chocolate. Get ideas for pairing tea with food much as you would pair wine with food.  Use this information to understand how the tea can enhance your meals.  At the same time hear about the healthful qualities of tea and chocolate.

Tea, The Drink That Changed the World -The Cultural Impact of Tea through the ages

For centuries tea has played a major role in social customs, art, politics and more.  Taste teas from various parts of the world and learn about how tea has shaped our culture.

Tea and Weight Loss - What are the facts about this phenomenon?

You have been hearing about how tea can help you lose weight.  Ever wonder how or why?  What is it about tea that contributes to weight loss?

Come to this class and get the facts about tea and weight loss.  Also learn more about the wonderful health benefits of tea and how you can incorporate tea into your regular diet to help you lose weight.  We will discuss how tea not only helps you lose weight but aids in reducing your appetite and helps you stay on a diet.  You will learn how tea can easily be incorporated into your favorite recipes for added benefits.

The beauty of this program is that tea can be added to any other diet/food plan for additional benefits. 

Health Benefits of Tea.

Recent studies have shown that drinking tea may improve your heart health, your immune system, your digestion and many other benefits. Learn what kinds of tea best address different health issues.

Around the World with Tea

Take an imaginary trip around the world as you taste the subtle flavor differences of teas from different regions. Learn how tea is processed to create your favorite type.  As you taste your way through various tea growing regions, learn a bit about the tea customs of different countries and cultures.

The Color of Tea      
Black, Green, White, Red, Yellow
What color is your tea?  What is the difference?  Learn about the different teas, how they are processed and how to properly prepare each kind of tea for the best tasting result.

It’s TEA made easy.


History of Tea

Learn  when tea was first discovered and how it made its way into the new world and now into our daily lives.

Gongfu Tea Ceremony

Participate in a Gongfu Tea Ceremony and learn how to create and perform your own Tea Ceremony. Taste some wonderful tea as you learn about this ceremony and experience it for yourself.

(for groups of 6 or fewer)

Tea Time Traditions

This talk is intended to instruct the audience on the tradition of Afternoon Tea, how this tradition was started and how it has evolved.

  • Brief history of tea (how it made its way to England and then to the US)
  • Afternoon Tea vs High Tea
  • History of Afternoon Tea
  • Other Tea Time Traditions.   

  Tea Tasting Parties
Our parties are a new concept to give you & your friends the opportunity to learn about tea and experience the unique ability of tea to invigorate and relax.  We will show various ways to brew different teas with the opportunity to try many types, and learn about the many health benefits. Questions will be encouraged at this relaxed and fun event. Simple snacks and desserts to compliment the teas may be served.

Afternoon Tea

Learn how to prepare and serve a lovely afternoon tea.  Includes menu ideas and recipes.

Zen & The Art of Tea

Through the way of tea we cultivate harmony, respect, purity and tranquility - the four principles of tea.

Learn the art of tea and the Chinese Tea Ceremony while mindfully savoring the deep qualities and subtle aspects of oolong teas.  We will also discuss how tea was used for meditation.

Make Your Own Chai

What is the rich smooth drink called Chai? Where did it originate and what are the main ingredients? In this session you will hear about the history of Chai and have an opportunity to make your own. As we sip on a warm cup of Chai Latte we will explore different ways to enjoy the fabulous flavors and aromas of this popular drink. You will leave with a bag of Chai to use at home along with the recipe to make more and additional recipes which use Chai as a flavor agent. 


Tea as a Culinary Ingredient

Learn how to use tea as an ingredient in many of your favorite dishes.  Tea will add new dimensions in flavor & interest to your food.  You will also reap more of the healthful benefits of tea by using it as a culinary ingredient.  In this class you will make your own tea rub to take home.


Want to impress your friends with new & refreshing cocktails.  This class will introduce you to several different methods for using tea in Mar-TEA-nis as you sample some of the more popular recipes..

Must be 21 to participate.










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