Special pricing may be available for very large groups or organizations.  Please contact Judy for a specific quote for your event.
Call us at 303 596-1347 for a free estimate or for more details.
Tea Talks
Fun and Informative Talks on the Subject of Tea
Fees for Tea Talks

This page allows us to describe and give prices for the services we provide.

At each event there are handouts available that provide information relative to the Tea Talk or Tasting.

Note:  Travel and facility expenses may be added to fee if applicable.

Tea Talks  $75 (flat fee)  
(lectures & classes) No tea provided by TEA TALKS.  :       
The following Tea Talks will require a minimum of 6 participants or $75 minimum charge.

Tea & Chocolate Pairing
6-19   20+
tea & chocolate samples are provided:  $75+ $15/ea person greater than 6.
$75+ $10/ea person greater than 19.
Tea Tastings and Tea Talks    $75+ $10/ea person greater than 6. $75+ $8/ea person greater than 19
where tea sampling is included.             
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