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Judy Williams

Tea Specialist

303 596-1347


Judy Williams is a  Tea Specialist who enjoys sharing her passion for tea with others.  Judy speaks on the history and art of tea at public events, organizations and meetings as well as private parties .  She teaches classes on various subjects related to tea; where to buy quality tea, how to make tea, what are the different kinds of tea and what should I be drinking.
Judy also conducts tea tastings allowing you to sample many different teas and introducing you to the wide world of teas.

Judy has  been a tea drinker all of her life and began a more serious study of tea approximately 13 years ago after retiring from a career in Information Technology and management.  You might say she switched from IT to High Tea.  For the past 5 years she has been studying the various aspects of tea and tea culture. Just a few of the topics she has studied are:

  • Tea Facts
  • Tea & Health
  • Tea Tasting
  • Tea History
  • Pairing Tea with Food
  • The Chinese GongFu Tea Ceremony
  • Effects of caffeine in tea
  • Pairing Tea with Chocolate
  • Tea Traditions
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